The Korean Mobile Game Industry Shines Bright

As the number of smartphone users worldwide continues to rise, every day dozens of new smartphone apps are released. Reflecting the rapid growth of the industry, the number of apps available for download on Google Play alone recently surpassed the one million mark.
Nowadays, just about anywhere you go in public — the street, the bus, the subway — you will find people head down in their smartphone messaging friends, sending texts, or checking the news. More than few of them also enjoy mobile games. With new games being released and downloaded daily, the popularity of titles can soar overnight and gaming trends can change in an instant.
So what are some of the top-ranked games of 2013? According to the Global Top 20 PlayStore Games for March 2013 compiled by Newzoo, a market research company specializing in the games industry, Puzzle & Dragons, developed the Japanese company GungHo Online Entertainment, and took the #1 spot followed at #2 by Wind Runner from the Korean company WeMade Entertainment.

<Newzoo’s Global Top 20 PlayStore Games, March 2013>

Take a closer look at the above chart and you will see that 11 of the Top 20 games are Korean titles. The fact that more than half of the Global Top 20 mobile games were developed by Korean companies gives some idea of the healthy state of the local industry and the worldwide popularity of Korean games. What, then, about the ranking of mobile game publishers?

<Newzoos Global Top 20 PlayStore Publishers, March 2013>

Looking at the above table you can see that 10 of the Global Top 20 PlayStore Publishers for March 2013 were Korean companies. Accounting for half of the world’s Top 20 game publishers, it is little wonder that the spotlight is shining on the Korean mobile game industry. Below we will take a look at two of the most popular mobile games from Korean developers.

1. Wind Runner 

<WeMade Entertainment’s Wind Runner>

Among the first games developed for Korea’s leading smartphone messenger Kakao Talk, WeMade Entertainment’s Wind Runner was downloaded 7 million times within four days of its release in January 2013 and has maintained its popularity to date.
The game play is very simple and features characters collecting stars as they run through and around various obstacles. Tapping the screen once or twice makes lets you jump or double jump to avoid or break obstacles. The game features a variety of characters and pets as well as health boosters, shields and other items to collect that all add to the fun.
One of the trademark features of Kakao Talk games is a ranking system that lets you see how you rate compared to your friends. As with Anipang — introduced in the AT&D post “Anipang the Puzzle – For Anione and Everyone”  — part of the secret of Wind Runner’s continued popularity is the fun and challenge of competing with friends.

2. LINE Bubble

<Line Corporation’s LINE Bubble>

Developed by the company behind Korea’s #2 ranked smartphone messenger, LINE Bubble is a fresh take on the childhood favorite bubble game that features LINE’s own cast of cute characters and a host of new features.
The game play is suitably simple. Just connect the bubbles Cony the rabbit fires to the bubbles that drop down. If three or more bubbles with the same picture align, the bubbles burst. Popped bubbles turn into coins that be used to obtain various item.
LINE Bubble’s unique sound effects add to the fun of the game, with cute sounds played every time a bubble bursts. And like Kakao Talk games, LINE Bubble takes advantage of the messenger platform to let you see a weekly ranking of scores and invite your friends to play.
Both Wind Runner and LINE Bubble take less than five minutes to play, so when you need a break after work or school, why not give one of them a try?

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